We at IMT don't escape the fact that a modern institution needs to show concern and responsibility in regards to post PG employment requirements of their wards

Getting employed as a professional, is never easy for many and often impossible. In order to mitigate this severity freshers undergo, IMT conducts job fairs and employment counseling.

Job providers are identified and accordingly invited to participate in the fair, the ensuing interactions results in recruitment. This process since it happens in favorable and familiar environment for the students enables them to attend it with a free and uninhibited mind helping them to be what they are in front of their interviewers and also presents them in their true colors and definitions.

We make sure that the providers do have an excellent track record and are credible enough in all respects for a product from this college to join them. In other words we make sure that they move on to responsible and genuine hands.

This year's placements featured a diversity of sectors with good representation from FMCG, Banking, Software, NBFC, Share Broking, Insurance, Technology companies and Merchant Banking divisions etc.

Students from IMT netted job offers from companies into Finance, Marketing to Human resource and Management areas. On an average, 45 companies showed interest in visiting the campus to select candidates best suited for their requirements.

Our tie-ups with various job providers help us organize and conduct campus interviews and job fairs. So far our students, have recorded high percentage of success, impressing their providers and earning themselves a sign up into some of the reputed organizations.

We are further exploring into the job market to invent platforms which awards a meaningful interaction for our students with the job providers.