An academic institution unless enriched with a library is minus its quality; similar is a student who avoids library.Driven by such a perception we make sure our library is second to none.It covers almost all aspects in the field of Management and Technology. It does not dwell in the past alone but also into present and future through consistent updating. periodicals, audio as well as video ROM's, project reports along with reference books by eminent authors and books which prepares you for competitive exams all provide students enough material to grow beyond the horizon set by curriculum and further into new vistas of consciousness,that the library subscribes to around 82 National and International periodicals provides an insight in to the vast collection.

The library is well organized by following the dewey decimal classification for cataloging. This cataloging method facilitates the finding of any book without employing an extensive search and also to return it to its proper place in the library shelves without any rummaging. Besides we also employ a computerized cataloging system.The library is exquisitely furnished providing spaces to sit and read or work. Any library needs a set of rules to be followed by all its beneficiaries so as to keep it well maintained and to conserve it as a place of quietness, calmness and serenity.

Library Rules

    (Applicable to all students, teachers, librarians and staff concerned.)

  • The library remains open on all working days (Monday to Saturday: 8a.m to 8.00p.m)
  • Bags etc are not allowed inside and must be kept in the space provided for the same.
  • Reading materials are issued for those who have library membership
  • Membership is given for the students and teachers.
  • All visitors to the library are to sign the Movement Register kept in front of the library mentioning the purpose before entering the library.
  • Three borrower’s cards are issued for one student; one book for one borrower’s card. The borrower is responsible for the loss of borrower’s card issued to him/her
  • The cost of damaged books & missing books will be recovered from the persons concerned.
  • Journals, Periodicals, Magazines, Question papers and Newspapers are for reference only.
  • Marking or highlighting anything on the library reading materials is not  permitted
  • The library furniture should not be damaged.
  • Audio visual material can only be referred within the library and they are operated under the supervision of librarian /staff.
  • The decision of the librarian(s) shall be final in all  matters subject to appeal to the Principals /Chief Executive Officer.
  • Students can keep books for a maximum of 14days (1 renewal) and 1 month for teachers.  If not returned by the 15th day, a penalty (fine) @Rs.1/-(per day, per book) will be charged from the defaulter. In case of books having high demand, the librarian reserves the right to issue notice to the borrower and call back such books even before the normal period of 14’days