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Message From Principal Desk

Message From Principal Desk

Dear Student,

Greetings from IMT 

Today education is much more than that and it ought to aim at achieving the active use of knowledge and skill in ways that are decidedly enlightened, noble and legacy creating. It is no more a process of transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the taught.

 IMT (Institute of Management And Technology) an organization promoted by WHET (WestFort Higher Education Trust) aims at reaching out, educate, mentor and guide students in all walks of life. We believe in student centeredness, value creation and instilling confidence are our major ethos. We believe in social well being of the society. Content in Management Education is provided to fulfill need of the society. Utilization of education and creation of a global community are our major objectives. In pursuit of excellence in its entire myriad dimensions continuous and relentless efforts are initiated at Institute of Management And Technology.

 The curricular and co-curricular activities at Institute of Management And Technology groom the learners through varied aspects of IQ, EQ, and SQ. 'Learning-by-doing' pedagogy seamlessly combines live projects, Community Services, Web based learning, debates, learning from Gurus (not management alone) with theoretical inputs on management subjects. Learners at Institute of Management And Technology co-own the responsibility for organizing various events and competition that gives them hands–on experience in managing people and material. The courses and programs at Institute of Management And Technology have been crafted with care and devotion. The rigorous research oriented faculty, Leaders and various fraternities excel in inspiring learning in the classroom. The staff members are committed, warm and friendly, we offer the best at Institute of Management Technology.

 I invite you to be part of this learning experience.