WestFort Group of Educational Institutions



The Art of developing, nurturing and guiding an individual into a world class executive is being successfully practiced at IMT for the last 11 years.
Four semesters in two years with a summer internship awards a degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) of Calicut University, Kerala.The syllabus conceived by Calicut University and well tutored by our expert faculty is complimented with curricular and extracurricular activities intended to develop the professional and social competence of the individual thus forming them into executives of caliber, class and culture
The Programme has the approval of AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education)


  • Equipping individuals with the necessary technical, professional and human skills and thus facilitating their development into management professionals and entrepreneurs.
  •  Enabling organizations to meet with their timely needs of updating and improving efficiency by providing Consultancy service and training.
  • Conducting Research, Training and organizing dissemination platforms so as to relevantly contribute to the knowledge inventory of the subject Management.
  • Giving more emphasis on Social Commitment so as to create an atmosphere of sublime ambience between the field of development and activism for social justice.


A six – semester course of three years; but it’s much more than that when you consider our excellent infra-structure facilities.
A well equipped Laboratory familiarizes students with the latest in the field of Information Technology.
A Library which helps them to research, refer, get up-to-date with the latest and further their erudition and knowledge in the field of Computer Science should they prefer to do so. In addition, a team of talented, well qualified Teaching Faculty motivates and inspires the students to enhance their know-how, sharpen their skills and realize their talent with a focus on their holistic development. 


  • To mould world class Computer professionals who probes into the nuances of Computer Science with a positive attitude and scientific temper.
  •  Providing theoretical knowledge as well as imparting advanced skills for software development and implementation.
  • Acquainting Students with the latest to emerge in the world of technology and introducing them to the wide array of opportunities prevailing in the field of advanced computing and information systems.
  • Cultivating an attitude towards excellence coupled with a sense of social awareness.