Teaching Execellence

IMT has Academic, Infrastructure, systems and Programs for achieving excellence

Classroom teaching and tutorials:

Classrooms and lecture halls at IMT-Thrissur are well-equipped with the modern teaching aids such as multimedia projectors and computers with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Unique Executive Communication & Leadership Development Training:

IMT Thrissur has a Center of Excellence for developing executive communication skills, interpersonal skills and leadership development.

International Study Tours:

All Post Graduate Management students go for international study tours to get exposure to international businesses.

Adventure or Outbound Learning Program (ULP):

This includes boot camp training and adventure sports tours for leadership development.

Foreign Language Training for Global Placement:

Students get an opportunity for foreign language training to scope for international job placements.

Functional Skill Training:

Post Graduate students have options for Oracle/SAP / AMFI / NSE Training*


Mentorship is part of the larger ecosystem of the University to support and assist students from outside their direct learning structure, and to ensure that they develop the right skills and attitude to broaden their employment and educational options, while achieving their fuller potential as responsible adults